Doggone Dirty Dog Sports

Pool & Rental Information

Hours of Operations
Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 9:00am to 5:00pm - Available by Appointment Only!
Pool Closed Monday, Tuesday and Fridays

**Re-Opening April 1, 2019**

Due to High demand all appointments must be paid at time of booking .
Refunds for cancellations made at least 72 hrs in advance
Reschedules at least 24 hrs in advance 
 We are open rain or shine unless it is stormy and unsafe

Click on Schedule Appointment below for Prices

  • Private Rental - 30 Minutes - 1 Dog
  • Swim Lesson - 30 Minutes
  • Private Rental 1 Hour - 1 to 2 Dogs
  • Private w/Hands on Lesson 30 Minutes
  • Group Rental 2 Hours - 1 to 4 Dogs
  • Group Rental 2 Hours - 5 to 10 Dogs

Please CLICK HERE to schedule an appointment to rent the pool!

Doggone Dirty Dog Sports
756 Jarvis Lane
Hollister, CA 95023


Please CLICK HERE to schedule an appointment to rent the pool!


What To Bring

  • Poop bags
  • 4 foot leash
  • Floating throw toys that your dog likes
  • A crate or other means to secure your dog(s) when not in your vehicle
  • Water resistant footwear
  • Drinking water for you and your dog
  • Towels
  • Shade (recommended for hotter months)
  • A positive attitude

Doggone Dirty House Rules

  • A liability waiver must be signed prior to jumping your dog.
  • Dogs must be on lead at all times unless they are on the dock. be worn on the dock.
  • Dogs are to be crated or held by the handler when not staging for the dock.  No loose dogs!
  • Only flat buckle collars may be worn on the dock. Choke collars, prong collars or electronic collars, gentle leaders, halti-collars, or any other collar other than a flat buckle-type collar, are not allowed once the dog is on the dock. Any collars of this nature must be removed prior to stepping onto the dock.
  • Handler is responsible for cleaning/picking up after their dog.
  • Dogs should not be pushed OR pulled into the pool.

Five (5) Minute Barking Rule
Due to the fact that the Doggone Dirty Dog Sports Facility is located in a residential area,
dogs are not allowed to bark continuously for more than 5 minutes.